Farewell to 2015 – Play with Bokeh


It is time to take down the Christmas tree and removed all the lights. I was scheduled to go out looking for birds to photograph, but I came down with a cold so I stayed home and played with Bokeh.

When I first started my blog, I was given In the Kitchen as an assignment.  I was a novice then and could not come up with anything barely presentable after making a big mess in the kitchen. Two years ago, I got an external flash as a Christmas gift, but I did not know where to start. I tried to place it in a different location and allow light to come from different angles, but not much success. I was determined to come up with something after a whole night of struggle. Out of desperation, I used my table lamp as the light source to take this picture in a dark room.

While I was playing with bokeh, I made my own bokeh and used it as background. The image seems to pop and the color tones compliment each other. I think I like it better.


My little grand girl likes to sing The Wheel on the Bus round and round and she does a great job. Somehow that song has stuck in my mind. I go-’round and round’ myself and take a picture with rounds as background and two other rounds (popcorn and chocolate) as my subjects. Instead of the school bus, I thought about Santa’s sleigh…


Women tend to buy food with beautiful packaging. I am guilty to be one of these. I buy wines with beautiful bottles or labels. My daughter Laura gave us these wines in a nicely packaged basket for Christmas. I cannot help not to take some pictures.


I received a birthday card from my sis-in-law that I love. I think my photography friends will also enjoy it. The world has become so much more beautiful and meaningful to me since I was able to view it through the camera lens. Who you are and how you see the world is being translated into your images. How cool is that?

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