Simple and Truthful

Other than annual physical examinations, I barely made it to my doc’s office. Three weeks of being homebound due to a common cold made me rethink my lifestyle. A post on Facebook and maybe another five links led me to read a book about real food, the good natural food that was designed for us before science comes to reinvent the wheel.

Eat right and stay healthy. Enjoy the ‘real’ food and lead a ‘good’ life. Not mysteries. I was drawn to the book because it is very analytical and meticulous about the fundamentals and the facts. The proof is in the results of doing. I’ve decided to follow the guidelines and go in for the experiment. If I eventually see good results with my physical condition improved and am led to a better ‘quality’ living, I will share my experience and define the ‘real’, ‘good’, and ‘quality’ addressed above. For the time being, I would rather be the silent doer than the loudspeaker.

Thinking of natural food, I was prompted to take pictures of fruits and vegetables.


Indoors, low light, too lazy to use flash, but I certainly don’t mind spending time tweaking it to my liking. I like simple images with slight pizzazz. Here goes another one,


Onion, garlic, yam, and ginger. So basic and yet so versatile. I can not finish counting the goodness from such simple vegetables, but I leave that to the nutrition specialists.

I grew up eating yams, and pumpkin squash, and have we ever skipped garlic? never. If you have a meal at my house, you will be drowned in garlic, guaranteed.

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