“Street Photography”

I like Street Photography because I love to capture candid shots. To me, Candid pictures are as precious as the images we can capture in Nature. However, I am just not that daring individual who can be so easily break the ice among strangers. I’ve tried to ask people’s permission to take their pictures and most of them are happy to be photographed except that I am reluctant to share their pictures without their consent.  Besides, people are not the only subjects in the street.

Strolling down the street solo with my camera early in the morning, there were barely people around. DSC08898-Edit1Great. I love solitude and peace.  Not knowing what my subjects will be is fun. Not expecting anything dramatic is relaxing. A cup of Starbuck’s coffee has refreshed my sleepy soul and excited me with high spirit to start a day.

Temperature here in California is about the same as Oregon, but there was blue sky, cozy sunshine and I smelt early spring and felt the temptation of flowers.

At home there is desolate brown and blah , here I was surprised to see early bloomers and colors. Cycleman has various varieties and colors. DSC089501White and deep pink are common, but I have never seen a pink/white two-tone like this one. If I look at them as they are often displayed, straight up, I would not have the chance to peek the secret hidden on their rear end.

I’ve decided to go on Natural diet and dairy product is a No to my new shopping list.  It was the first time in my life that I actually ordered something Non-Fat. I cannot believe myself. On regular days, I would go in and get a French pDSC08867-Edit-Edit-Edit1astry but not today. Getting a photo of the bakery’s storefront is all I desired and I seriously did not feel deprived.

I saw a Japanese lady with her cute baby in the stoller. and background was the green and golden DSC088811sun. I was tempted to raise my camera, but she was sensitive to the existence of my camera and kept moving away from me. I left her alone. I want peace myself, why bother her?

Smile on the bronze sculpture is as candid and natural as that from a real person. How an artist can make the unnatural (man-made statue) looking natural? It is the magic of art and the talent that many were born with.

If I was not in my morninDSC08866-Edit1g fresh mind, I may have walked into this mural and bleed myself. This is a mural !!! I was almost decepted by its realistic facade with curves, door openings, window cases, and balcony . The only add-on’s are the flower pots and awnings which cast shadows.

You may be out-dated if you don’t own either an Apple Iphone (smartphone) or Ipad (tablet) these days. Check out this Apple retail store and the countless devices inside the fancy glass window/doors. Instead of shopping in the jammed electronic stores in the past, we are now shopping in the art gallery.


PS: People perceive Iphone as higher value and status. I however insist on using an Android phone because Google Now is simply smarter than Siri. I enjoy technology, but I certainly don’t want my hands being tied by that single Home button…

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