A Simple Path, A Foggy Morning

It’s a foggy morning at my regular walk path. This path is laced with thistles and blackberry bushes.  When it is blackberry season, I saw people come around to pick berries. But in winter time, it looked deserted. I like to come here because the path is trailing up and down the slope which provides good exercise. The thistle field is wide open and sometimes I ran into birds flying around.  At the beginning of the path, there are large fir, cedar and oak trees that extend into the woods that I love to see in a foggy day like this.

In the last three years, I have been trying to take thistle pictures, but I seemed not liking any of the results. First of all, I have to admit that I have not been disciplined enough to go there during sunrise or sunset time. I took pictures whenever I walked by.  In many cases, I was chasing birds. Today, I determined to have some thistles in the fog. They are certainly not that spectacular, but they are honestly illustrating the mood.

I like that phantom tree behind the thistles, but I also don’t want to be spooked. Besides deep inside, I am longing for the spring to come. I am not depressed by the long and cold winter, but at some point, I like to see something brighter and more lively.

Fog is dreamy-like, soft and mysterious and yet, I don’t like that gloomy and bleak feeling.  I played with the sliders in LR and breathed a little life to the scene. Or if you want to call it a Before/After pictures.

How often do you pay attention to the tiny rain drops in the tree branches and twigs? I took interest to photograph dead thistles and suddenly everything looked interesting to me. The spiky blackberry bushes were no longer threatening to me and every deadly looking things suddenly came alive.  As you know, I love to work on the pictures slightly and give them a bit twist. That is the great fun that I enjoy.

Nature is an infinitive source of beauty and inspiration. How fortunate that we are here on earth to enjoy all !!!  This thought makes me feeling grateful every day.




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