Dancing Drops


Sun is a bit stingy these days while Rain is generously dropping. I have been accustomed to grab my camera when Sun was up, but it got down so quickly that I ended up with disappointment. However, Oregon rain is faithful. It came, lingered before it unwillingly said goodby. I gave up on Sun and embraced Rain. Instead of taking many shots and stack them, I chose to use a fairly small aperture F22 and one bang, I got some good bucks, I thought.

Now I get too much depth of field and that gives me a good excuse to use a bit of texture to cover it up. I included the background flower in on purpose. It may be distracting to some people, but I like it to be there so that my center focus is not another Solo.

Can you imagine how much fun this tiny one inch flower can bring to a fool like me? Rain drops are dancing in front of me. I forgot it was in the rain and my camera was getting wet. I heard ABBA’s Dancing Queen and that took me hundreds miles away…

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