Flower Obsession

Is it fortunate or unfortunate that my ‘flower-obsession’ season is getting started… I was bounded to my desk chair for almost a month to finalize two photo books that were on my to-do list for too long. I have never been a procrastinator and that guilt has finally forced me to act. The good news is, that I am feeling the breeze and the sense of satisfaction.

Awaiting winter and rain to go away, to me, is a long process. I have tried to enjoy the rain, but my desire for flower blooms and spring colors is overpowering so I bought a bouquet from the store. It is an obsession. I have admitted that.

Rain was still dropping outside.  The flower buds are opening fair quickly once the bouquet came home with me. Besides that gorgeous Miss Fuchsia was sparking in front of me. Obsession plus temptation. Double Jeopardy.  Even though the light condition was not good, I took the pictures anyway. It is a rainy day project.

Our tulip magnolia tree is also full of buds, hundreds of them. I take their pictures every year and I seem to always come out something different. I hope the rain will touch them gently and I still have the chance to snap a few when it is in their full bloom.

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