Living right by eating right

And, don’t neglect the fundamentals – Reading Right.

Ever since we chose to go on the paleo diet and complete WHOLE 30 as the experiment, I have quickly changed my perspective on food choice and learned to adopt the new cooking style. This is not a weight loss diet.  It is an EATING RIGHT and EATING QUALITY revolution. The proof is in the results and we are surely very happy with our current status.

By eliminating junk and processed food, dairy, sugar, and gluten and using healthy cooking oil, we’ve naturally lost pounds without reducing our daily intake consumption. Meal quality is more naturally delicious and satisfying. When I shop, I now skip the aisles where tons of ‘prohibited’ items are displayed. I shop faster, cook simpler, and am absolutely content with my diet. I am not advertising for anyone. I just want to share a truly personal experience.

Instead of coffee with creamer, I am drinking black coffee in the morning and tea throughout the day. Banana is rich in potassium, but also rich in sugar content. I am removing my creamer jar and banana from this picture. We can get potassium from other fruits and vegetables and I have finally enjoyed the authentic taste of almond milk.


Instead of loading various kinds of fruits and ingredients into a Vitamix blender, I am more selective with fruit and vegetable choices to assure all essential vitamins and minerals are covered, at my best anyway. 

Believe it or not. I like to make smoothies for a very silly reason. Different choice of ingredients makes smoothies in different colors and colors simply make me happy. We are so accustomed to smoothies in the morning now that this glass of magic portion is refreshing, energizing, and nutritious. There wasn’t enough light shining through the window but I don’t mind this moody look.

The body is fed. The mind also needs nourishment for a healthy soul.  The Book is an everlasting truth and living gold.  If I start my day faithfully reading the Bible, my day just goes on so much smoother and more enlightening. If you have the same experience, you would know what I am talking about here. It is magical.


Sun is way up there, I cannot sit in front of a computer any longer. It’s my time to spend with my camera and roams wherever I end up.

Note: Isaiah 61 is my favorite chapter.

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