Farewell to Tulip Magnolia

One sunny week brings our tulip magnolia to her full bloom. However, the flowers do not sustain long before the petals begin to fall down the ground.


This is the first time that I checked on them every couple of days and tried to snapshots from different angles. The flowers are showy due to the size and the density of the blooms. Otherwise, I say it is quite plain in comparison with other smaller flowers. But photographers are supposed to be able to shoot anything and play with that magic wand, so I did.

My images are surely not magical, but I thought it worthwhile to record the short blooming season of this tree we planted 17 years ago. The flowers are way up there. I hand-held my 300mm to take all the pictures. They grow so tightly to one another. It is not easy to isolate one from the other. A cluster of large flowers does not look bad either.

Though the appearance is not dramatic or striking, it fits right in my favorite style: subtle, elegant, and understated. The sculptured edges seem to be amplified in the form of solo and simplicity. I have tried to use bold and exaggerated textures for the background, but I seemed to always come back to my preferred tone and style.  Have I confined myself to the box and lacked the courage to explore outwards? Or, am I a stubborn soul who sticks to my principal faithfully?


This duo image makes me think of my hubby and friends. One applause does not echo but two will. Even when both two are drenched in the rain, their connected point remains dry and a stronghold. If not for that stronghold, they would have been separately defeated by the rain and are struggling with their last breath right now.

Below image was taken in an overcast day.I was looking to give it a little twist. After removing perplexed twigs and limbs off the way, I added couple of textures to carry on the gloomy state. As cold as it looks, I think it would be good to have it on a porcelain piece of some sort. Not every day is a glorious day but every day has a charm of its own.


If I don’t, one rainy day can scatter the patels and take blossoms’ life away. It was only two days apart, the flowers became vulnerable and fragile after a brief rain shower. I am posting this image to illustrate the reality besides I actually find the most attractive in this stage of life. With the experience and knowledge we’ve obtained in decades of our life, can you see the hidden charm behind?


See you next year, my inspiring Tulip Magnolia.

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