Birds, Birds, Birds

Spring is not complete without both flowers and BIRDS. It was my lucky day that I saw 15 different kinds of birds at a 2-hour walk along Delta Pond including a Heron perched high on a tree limb, a noisy Killdeer in distance, a chickadee, and a Hummingbird buzzing on a tree top that I ignored. ( I counted 13 at first, but actually, the total count is 15.)

When so many birds are flying around, their calling and singing often make me anxious and gradually become desperate. I want to find out where that beautiful voices come from and who they are.


Swallows are usually flying at high speed and circle in the air. They sound like marbles hit each other. It is almost impossible to take a decent picture firing into the air. This cute tree swallow heard my plea and stopped on a tree for a shot. The iridescent blue looks gorgeous in the sun.

Red-wing blackbirds are everywhere, but I have not been able to catch one shot with both of their red wings flying. These are as close as I can get. With black eyes, black heads, and black bodies, it is not always easy to get a clear picture of them. I have taken many of their side view profiles. This is probably the first time I actually shoot from the front. He looks like a mini King-Kong here except that his eyes are not as clear as in the shot on the left.

God so love the birds and flowers that they are created in vast varieties and they are well protected. How much chance would you actually realize the existence of these two birds: yellow-rumped warbler and tree crlipper? If both of them are not moving, I would not take these two pictures. The camouflage feather tones are amazing and they seem to know where to hang out to be safe. Bushtit is small and sleek. They go around from one tree to the other so briskly that a clear shot needs luck. I have seen them come to ‘attack’ my suet feeder in a flock of 12 or more. The small creatures are just drops of an ocean, but the pleasure they bring me is un-measurable.

Below are two shots that are my favorite. Unfortunately, it occurred so randomly that I did not have my setting ready to get clear shots. Both images turned out blurry. But I like them so much, that I figured out a way to at least show the silhouette. The first image shows the warbler chasing after a bug and ready to gobble it down. The second image shows two tree swallows perched on the end of a tree branch. You can tell me if they are brawling or singing to each other. I am happy that I was able to capture such precious moments and it is rewarding to be aware of the world beyond the human sphere.

Woodpeckers are usually pounding on the tree trunk and making their needlework. It was the first time I saw them clinging to the leaves. The moment when he stuck his red tongue out, I then realized that he was sucking something from the leaves.

Towhee is common and I can often hear their simple hissing sound. However, they are often hidden in the bushes or on the ground blocked by limbs and leaves. Call me ‘Lucky’ this time, he landed right in front of me and posed for a shot. And, of course, my Old Faithful sparrow is an unnamed hero who contributes its singing at all times.


Osprey is there and everywhere, but they are up high, inaccessible. It came a bit closer than usual, but still way high before my humble lense. A bright light has helped me to get a clear shot and made cropped image acceptable. Next time, I just need to capture one shot with fish in his mouth.

Spring is a baby blooming season. When I looked at this geese family, I thought about ‘Exodus’, don’t ask me why.  I do believe though that they are heading towards the Promised Land full of milk and honey.  On regular days, I passed by Turtles without giving it a second thought. But this lovey-dovey scene caught my eyes and I could not help but to snap a shot.

How can we have a beautiful spring without birds?

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