Spring comes to prepare for us the highlight of summer. It was cool and now too hot. I was waiting for flowers to bloom and now they are almost on the way out. I am chasing Time, but It does not slow down.  I’ve warned myself not to take ‘too many’ pictures on the trip, but easy say than do.  Hours of photo browsing in this heat is no fun. I need to break away from Silk Road for a while.

It is now 93 degrees outside and I found a few images to cool me down. With only black and white, the world is calm and cool. I find them soothing instead of sizzling.

The butterfly shot was taken under the scorching sun, but I added a bit of cool air to tone it down. I am not a dedicated photographer. I take pictures whenever and wherever I go. Lots of images were snapped outside the golden hours and that’s where my favorite texture comes in.

20151014-DSC05018-Edit-Edit smart copy-Edit1

The temperature was heating up. I found barely any birds at my two hours’ walk. Birds are sensitive. They respond to temperature faster than we are. I had no intention to take picture of a dragonfly, but it followed me wherever I went. He got a shot and I discovered a new dragonfly that I have not seen before. Good deal. I covered the bright sun for him and I feel the breeze myself.


Avocet is one of my favorite birds. I love their long beak and legs. They don’t need a fishing pole or net, they are naturally equipped to hunt.


The heron was ready to act to catch his prey, but before I had time to snap another shot with the fish in his mouth, he swallowed it down already.


It’s summer action time. Stay cool and calm.

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