Summer Breeze


Never consider Yellow is my favorite color, but it has been growing in me in the last few years, particularly this soft yellow with a slight orange tone. Unlike me, I have not taken many flower pictures like I always do this summer.


She wears my favorite color, a pale periwinkle. Her golden-brown hair and fair skin color blend perfectly with the brown writing table. Her stare and hand gesture are firm and focused. A child’s purity and simplicity grab my heart. It is a simple portrait, but it is my Mona Lisa, the precious one.



Cedar Waxwing, my favorite bird, suddenly showed up on the cherry tree behind our house. Three of them. They must have come here to scout to see if the cherries are ripe and sweet enough for the taste. Wish they’d stayed a minute longer and I was able to be more ready to take a clear picture.

Never get tired of going back to the same location for birds. The excitement is that ‘unexpected’ encounter. Not only the Green Heron that I may have seen once before but also his prey, the poor little thing.

Birds, Blooms, and three grandchildren named after the letter B are my summer Breeze.

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