Remembering July the 4th


Without going through the ‘reproduced’ set of the Civil War, I could not comprehend how the war was fought during that period. I now find myself enjoying more what I have lived in this land of freedom and being able to engage more in this history that I adopted. Not a frequent reader, but I actually spent some time reading American history. Slavery and Civil War are poignant and my favorite.

I have not gone out to take fireworks pictures since my first try three years ago. It is equally entertaining to light fireworks at home and refresh some childhood memories.

I can go back to shoot at Re-Enactment over and over if not for my crazy schedule this summer. Although it is only a mimic version of the Civil War, the participants take pride and interest to make it authentic. Walk into the scene, you would feel like falling into a time channel and you are the outsider or the ‘E.T.’ to the people in front of you.

It is July. You are in T-shirts and Levi’s, but they are dressed up with hoop skirts and fancy hats. You only used umbrellas on rainy days but they used them on sunny days. (I don’t usually post children’s pictures, but this girl looks so ‘patriotic’ with her red/blue/white dress and red umbrella…).

War is merciless. When there is a shortage of strong young men, boys were recruited. They can handle the transport of ammunition, be the drummer boys, or actually carry firearms. Some records said the drummer boys also carried dead bodies and buried them.

Real gunpowder was fired, and Unions were fighting against Federated. Medic Unit was at work. The combat buddies were looking after each other. It resembles a real battlefield pretty well.

When men were fighting at the fort front. Women are doing their duties as housewives and mothers. Life goes on as usual regardless of peace or war.

Re-enactment is one meaningful event to remind us of our history and the price we paid for freedom and humanity.

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