Simply Cormorants

Just Sparrows, just Cormorants, or just Robins…  As simple and common as they are, Cormorants and Sparrows have a special place in my heart. Sparrows sing and bring nature songs to our environment without being credited or recognized by most people. American Robins are everywhere and have absolutely the sweetest and crisp voice, but I have to admit that I don’t usually desire to take their pictures.

Cormorants are fishing warriors for the fishermen in southwest China while the cormorants here have easy life fishing for their own food. Having witnessed their throat being choked to stop the fishes they fetched going down their throats brings my sympathy for them. I don’t see them as ‘just cormorants’…

That was a small nice surprise for me to see so many of them on all the trees along the river. It is a bit far for my camera to stretch and the images do not look as sharp after repeated cropping.

Happiness is to see them fishing freely on the beautiful Oregon Coast. They get to own everything they have hunted and enjoy the scenery as we do.

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