Alaska, the Beautiful – travel by rail

The more places I go, the more I am humbled. Oregon is beautiful, but so many more places are ‘gifted’ with amazing nature and Alaska is one of them. Prior to the trip, I have friends discourage me about seeing iceberg phenomenon. Glaciers are receding and icebergs are melted. What am I going to see? Honestly, I had no expectation at all. I thought it good enough to hang out with my siblings. It is our annual gathering.

Princess Cruise has good management team and we’ve been pampered by their outstanding service. Tour by cruise is relaxing and I like our a-la-cart dining. I was indulged in gourmet food, nice wine for 10 days and come home without gaining a single pound. No more will I be fear of overeating on the cruise. Don’t head to buffet court, stay at the formal dining room.

Among everything else we have done, train ride through the wild is probably my most favorite. First  of all, I can get out of the train and take pictures on the platform between two passenger’s cars. Train is moving, but there is no window barrier and oh my, I was so fascinated with the scene that I was frozen in the wind without even noticing it.

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Pictures say it all. My humble vocabulary can hardly explain what I witnessed and how much pleasure I’d taken in during that 5-hour journey. I am not exaggerating. It was a total obsession for me.

Train has its charm. It is free in spirit, unique in its travel routes and powerful in presenting you the absolute beauty that you otherwise won’t have access.

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