Backyard Entertainers

Although I continue to take hummingbird pictures while they are on the feeder, every once in a while, a shot like this one can simply brighten my day. Except this one was captured by my husband. I love it so much that I have to share it.


It is quite a skill to be able to hang in the air and suck the nectar at the same time. Their wings and body are in a gymnastic form, firm and sculptured. And, they don’t take their eyes off the surroundings while partaking in their food.


Some birds are more bashful than others. House Finch boys are one of my favorite birds, but they reacted so quickly to human presence. I spotted this young bird on the feeder, but he immediately hid in the limbs when I raised my camera.


A mother Nuthatch was feeding her baby. I wasn’t fast enough to capture that moment, but happy enough to have the baby’s picture taken. See the fear and uncertainty in his eyes?

Have you seen one of Disney’s old classics, Bambi? I still remember that I was in tears when Bambi’s mom was shot by a hunter. It is now the time when the fawns are hopping along with their moms. This one was sitting on our lawn when I opened the door one morning. Mommy deer immediately responded to my appearance while the baby was still a bit confused.


So lucky to have them around. I never got tired of taking their pictures.


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