the Blues

Sing blues? No, I am calmed by the blues.


It was a cool morning. Snow-capped mountains were immersed in the cloud. The lone boat was not in motion. No sound, no ripples. Just streaks of light reflection were simmering on water.


The red boat suddenly showed up on the scene and broke the silence. She added a slight color to the mono blues. I enjoyed the quietness. But I could certainly say that I was excited to see the still was stirred with motion and sign of life.


The morning breeze was making waves on the water. Imperial blue silk was spread over the foreground and mountain reflections were layered on the middle ground. My eyes and mind went over the mountain ridges and wondered what was beyond…


When there is simply nothing on the wild and wide ocean, a sole existence like this ship can easily spring up your emotion. Then she sailed away, farther and farther until she disappeared at the horizon. Solitude continues.

Surrounded by blues, but I am not depressed. I sensed an unspeakable peace that I don’t usually experience in daily life. I did not want to edit these images to add contrast or more drama. They are what they are and what I like about them.

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