Dahlia has a great variety. She is probably one of the most colorful and attractive flowers. I planted a few bulbs later last year and can now enjoy the blooms. Some are truly gorgeous, but my favorite has always been something more muted and understated.  I tried a few stacked images. They are super sharp and striking, but my eyes seem to always roll back to the image like this one…20160804-IMG_7216-Edit1

This plant had at least 10 buds ready to open any time and it was on sale for $3.99. Huge temptation for me. I brought it home and this first baby was blossomed. I took 14 shots and stacked them. Then I pampered it with some texture goodies.  Now the newbie suddenly sits on the throne (at least in my imagination 🙂  Sharp image is great, but I cannot help not to tone it down again.

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