Rainbow Sherbet

Hot 90 plus sunny day, I heard pleasant music coming from the distance, from the end of our street. The sound was getting crisper and louder. It sounded like the music from an ice cream truck. And it is! An ice cream truck was coming through our street. I could not believe it. When is the last time I heard that music? In my childhood. I am not kidding. There is barely any kid living on our street. The truck did not stop and the music eventually disappeared.

However, that familiar sound lingered in my head…

I took this shot of a simple flower that I don’t even know her name, but I was attracted to her elegant silhouette and decided to play a little. It was my first time to really use gradient maps and textures together. I feel like laughing at the result. Do you know why I must be thinking of strawberry and orange sherbet when I created this image? The ice cream truck has no idea that I actually make an image because of his appearance.

We may have influenced someone on our daily path that we never knew about it. Our smile or a simple encouragement can easily lift up somebody else’s spirit. If this ice cream truck comes up, you bet, I will run out to tell him how he has inspired me!


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