Butterflies – Mother nature at work


First visit to the butterfly pavilion. I thought there will be many different kinds of species flying around inside the pavilion, but there is only that good old monarch butterfly. It is interesting to see them all inside one space regardless.


This is the first time I tried to be more serious about taking butterfly pictures. The macro lens is used, but I did not think about the intense pattern of the butterfly and their constant flapping. I did not have good success in assuring both wings are tack sharp.

Cloudy day makes the lightning inside the pavilion unattractive and butterflies are not active as they should in sunny days. Plus they are moving around and way beyond our eye level. Ceiling plastic lettuce is another ‘oh, no’ particularly when some of them were simply dwelling there. I would rather chase butterflies in the garden or in any other natural environment. I went for butterflies, but I ended up taking mostly flower pictures. The garden is thriving with various flowers even though it is now the end of the blooming season.


I did have an encounter with the butterflies mating just in front of me. You may have seen it on the Discovery channel, but I think to post a couple of pictures here anyway in case some of you have not seen it.  It is a Mother Nature-at-work. Biologist would think it is so beautiful to watch them reproduce for the earth, but I would rather you see it in an art form (and I can also hide the cluttered background).

At first, I hesitated to show these images, but I really enjoy them from a photographic and artistic point of view and gradually I am compelled to share them with you.


I am not a biologist who is able to give you more details. I would just leave your imagination to flow with the images. I take pictures for my entertainment and hope you are amused as well as a result.


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