Passing through Vegas

What comes to your mind thinking of Las Vegas?  Neons? Slot Machines? Buffets? or fancy Casino hotels? They are all still existing except that neons do not glow in the main drag The Strip any more. Slot machines are now more collectible and decorating items than the classic gambling devices. A gourmet buffet cost between $5.99- $8.99 two decades ago is now in $30+ range and the food has no comparison with what being offered less than 1/3 price in good old days.

20160914-dsc00060Glamorous hotels are still the major attraction, but the interiors of the new hotels are mainly packed with gambling tables/20160914-dsc00068machines, shops, and restaurants.

The architecture beauty is hidden behind all the clutters and no longer represents the unique theme of the hotels. You won’t see the ‘pirates’ in action in front of Treasure Island and Mirage’s volcano does not ‘erupt’ every hour during the night any more.

Luckily Luxor (Egyptian theme) and Excalibur (medieval theme) are still standing and their architectural uniqueness are well-preserved, both interior and exterior. The invention of LCD has completely enhanced our visual pleasure.

Old Town has its charm in the night when its dramatic neon lights glow. The steel canopy is added with zip line performers. But the appearance of a few street entertainers is disturbing, or I should say it plainly, gross. Regardless how I think, the place is busy and there is no rest for the night.

I like this ‘Grab A Cup’ ice cream machines. You can get the volume you want and mix the flavors in your liking. Fun is to20160914-dsc00059 make your own ice cream sundae with a large selection of toppings right in front of you. We stopped eating ice cream because of the sugar and milk content. But temptation is overpowering conscience in this instance.

Seven years ago when I was there, I did not pay attention to New York, New York. It seems to become one of the major attractions in the Strip. Main architecture and skyline of New York City is displayed here such as Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge.

If not for the transit, I probably will not come back here. But undoubtedly it is a family fun destination in addition to Disneyland.



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