Sedona, the desert charm

A short stop and quick glance at this lovely city in the sandstone formation country. I love it.
Color stories are written in the streets, near or far. Red sidewalks echo the colors of the reddish rocks with the touch of deep and sage green in the scene.

The city is surrounded by red sandstone formations. Wherever you go, you are embraced by the stunning landscape. When the sun shines, the stones look more orange. In this cloudy day, the stones show natural sandstone colors.

Sedona, Arizona is as artsy as Santa Fe, New mexico and has similar Spanish architecture.  I randomly walked into couple of galleries and was impressed by many artisan pieces.  I would have brought home some artwork if I had enough time to make the decision.

We’ve browsed 9 national parks in a 10 days trip. It is a perfect scouting trip for us before we go back for a real photography trip, by car, on foot, up before dawn and be there for sunrise and sunset.

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