Arches, Arches

Utah and Arizona national parks are photography destinations. Prior to my recent (first) trip to go there, I have occasionally seen awesome pictures taken in the region and was anxious to have my own hands-on experience. I dreamed and pre-visualized what my shots will be different from what I saw.


We zipped through 9 national parks in 8 days, very satisfying in regard to the volume we have observed. Expected and I’d told myself this is a scouting event and we will go back for a real photography trip. Nevertheless, when I was there and could not be in the right spot to frame my shots, I was somehow devastating.

Arches, Arches, I have been longing to have my own Arches shots, but when I found out how far that iconic Arch is away from me, I was numbed. I ran up the hill as much as I could, but this is as far as I could reach without a few more hours of hiking.


“Be There” is not enough to take good pictures, to be in the right location and be able to frame shots from your ideal angle of view are essential.


So close and yet so far away, sigh. I should be there where these tiny people are, but I was with a group and our option was to take a 1.5 miles trail instead of the 6 miles that I would choose.  With my telephoto in hand, I shot a few as the milestone of my next endeavor.

The standpoint was not close enough to the subject and 1:30 pm high noon left the image clean and bright, but non-characteristic.

We were a bit closer to this Double Arches and there are several other ‘arches’ in the vicinity. I was running to snap my shots before our given 45 minutes stop was up.

I planned to climb up the hill to reach another arch, but my feet were glued to the ground when I saw this guy with a phone in hand and his head down, in the frame… I like how it turns out. I thank him to be there at the right time. If I can get one good shot in a day, I am thrilled.

Imagine how much you can do to be here in golden hours with natural soft light shining through the caves and arches. Envision the angles and points you can fetch among these natural rock formations. This is just one small example.


I heard my own voice yelling from within, ” I am going back.”

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