In the Cave

Same as what I experienced at Arch Canyon, I was at Antelope Canyon, inside the cave, but I was helpless and hopeless. Going with a tourist group, no tripod or flash is permitted. Besides, there are two groups of visitors going from two opposite directions. Not only did we have to keep moving forward, but we also had to yield the way to the group coming our way.

End of Tunnel – Hope

I held my camera and fired the shots whenever I saw a bit of light. As long as there is light, there is hope. I made my best effort to grab every slight opportunity, think little, and shoot much. Even though I had my camera on the highest ISO, the constant movement and hovering darkness have me defeated badly. I have deleted countless blurry pictures.

Treasure Within

Just about 10 feet to the exit, I found a group of photographers setting their tripods and taking time to frame their shots. A leading guy kept yelling at me ”Ma’am, can you leave, please.” At that prime photographing location, I could not help not to snap a few before I headed out unwillingly.

Nature Flame

Such nature wonders exist. I need to stop being a tourist and be more serious about being a photographer.  There are endless spots as such inside the cave, I swear that I will carry a tripod and go in as a photographer on my next visit.

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