Little Things


Chilly weather persists. I am going through the piles of ice pictures I took a few weeks ago. Ice turned the faded leaves into popsicles, yummy.


The last breath of life remained in these leaves, but they managed to hang on. The Winter storm came, and they were coated with ice and became even stronger. With the background softly textured, they no longer look desolate. They give me peace.

>Everything has a bright side if we can look into it and get out of it with a smile.


The little guy’s feeder was covered with ice and the freezing rain continued. Looking at his puffy feather, I knew he was cold, and yet not giving up. I was touched by him, so I brought the feeder inside and thawed the ice.  You can imagine how happy I was watching him enjoy the nectar.

>Storm is created to make us stronger. Don’t you think?

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