A Yellow Leaf

It’s purely a yellow leaf. It may mean nothing to you, but it’s to me. From an old and sophisticated culture background, I am apt to pursue modernity and simplicity.


Do you believe? A little something we saw in a moment of our life can inspire us to continue a high goal. A word from an elementary school can press in a child’s heart and impact his/her thinking the rest of the life.

In my first-grade school writing class, we were given ‘A Yellow Leaf’ as a subject. I only understood later that the teacher was challenging us to think, to expand what we visualized. A writer has to be more insightful and perceive more than what commoners do.

Wanting to be a writer, I ended up becoming a business woman for decades. Now the retirement life has offered me the luxury to be back to the dream, and I thought of this yellow leaf whenever I see one.


It has been almost two weeks since the last ice storm hit. Rain comes and goes as it pleases. The low temperature kept the ice and snow on the ground. Sparrow food is hidden under the snow and he is too heavy to access our squirrel-proof feeder. I felt sorry for him, so I sprayed the seeds on the snow…

Traffic on the main streets has come back to normal except my neighborhood. Only if I dare to pass the treachery and icy slope nearby, I can get down to the main road and drive freely.  But that step is daunting,  I am still hesitating to make that pass.

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