Early Birds

It has become impossible for me to take a walk without my camera. I am not attracted to the winter scenes without white snow and clear ice, but when birds call, I cannot help not being distracted. It was too early in the morning. I did not think I would take any decent pictures, so I grabbed my point-and-shoot and head out of the door.

I walked through my usual path trimmed with thistles. I heard blackbirds calling, but I could find any. No bird movement, either. I figured it might be as well for me to finish my walk and run my errands. But our days are not in our hands regardless of how well we’ve planned them.

California Quail

I sensed movement around a row of blackberry bushes and was shocked to see California Quails, a whole family of them. They are always so cautious and alert;  immediately after they spotted ‘intruders,’ the leader would send out emergency calls. I was able to snap a few across the street about 100 feet away. They are in the shade, and the pictures are not very clear, I am afraid.

Of course, Sparrows and Juncos have never missed any occasion. They are as common as American Robins, but I like them as much for their faithfulness. I know they clean out the worms and bugs, and Robins sing so beautifully. But, sorry, Robin. I stopped taking their pictures.


Believe it or not, I was in the same spot trying to photograph California Quail for at least half an hour before I decided that I had to move on for the day.

Except that, on this day, I was blessed to bring a camera with a large zoom and more birds were there waiting for their glamorous shots from me. Did not want to stir them up, I tried to shoot from a distance, plus, it is not a DSLR, the images are not as sharp, but I mainly want to share my discoveries.

Varied Thrush

The Flicker is in the shade, but his showing feather and red spots are so outstanding that I always take the pictures whenever I saw one.

I saw the movement in the tree, but he apparently also saw me and hid in the branches. Who is that? I could not have my peace without finding it our, and here he is, the Varied Thrush. I have not seen one since last year.

From time to time, I feel emotional about how God has planned and created such natural beauty for our living pleasure. And, how blessed I am equipped with pairs of ears and eyes to enjoy God’s amazing creation.

PS. I have seen 10 different kinds of birds altogether on this morning walk: Sparrows, Scrub Jays, Juncos, American Robin, Stella Jay, Starlings,  Gray Nuthatch, California Quails, Varied Thrush, and Flicker. (Below images are for record purposes. image quality is not taken into consideration)

One walk Ten birds. It is a wonderful morning !!!

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