Water Fowls – more birds

In addition to the inhabitant birds, migrated birds are gradually back to our region. Water is full in the ponds and ducks are having their party. I can paddle a little on water but never learned to be a swimmer. I enjoyed watching ducks swim with ease and contentment. They don’t need much, a simple pond with living vegetation, worms, and small fish will build them a haven on earth. Simple but free. Quiet but joyful.


Surely I did not mean to stir them up. It is entertaining to view this image when they were running for life, but I also feel so sorry that I trespass on their tranquil habitat.

Hooded Merganser has a distinctive appearance, is one of my favorites. Great Blue Heron and Cormorant are local ‘residents.’ Heron’s stern outlook resembles an authoritative colonel.

Cormorant does not have a striking appearance, but their jewel-like blue eyes are stunning. Besides, they are the mighty fishermen. This wood duck was too far away from me, but their distinguished look can easily identify itself.

Bushtit is smaller than a sparrow or chickadee. They come in a flock and leave in a dash. I usually could not be ready before they scattered again. After so many attempts, I finally captured the shot that I like very much. They are as cute as what you see.  There is a reason that I have never given up trying to get a better shot. Birds are like people. Sometimes they look better from one angle to the other. Thank God that he was looking right at me this morning.

Bird photography also trained me to be patient. I have not seen a kinglet in person, and this one flew right in when I was trying to shoot Bushtit. How convenient is that?

American Robin is everywhere. Why am I taking his picture?  Winter is almost over, and Robins start to sing in the morning. That crispy and pleasing voice makes me appreciate their existence. Every once a while, I chose one lucky bird to have a glamorous shot.

Northwest region is rich in lofty trees, and woodpeckers know this is the place to stay.  I often heard them pounding on the tree trunk. Happy to see him on the feeder.

Don’t want to bore you with birds after birds, but their presence is utterly irresistible.  “What’s on your mind?” if you ask me. Now you know the answer.

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