When you have a small load of photography gear, it is hard to stay indoors when the sun is screaming loud up there.

It has been raining generously. Even California has now a flood warning. I have also seen significant bird activity in local ponds. Water is abundant, and I expected to see lots of waterfowl. Unfortunately, there was nothing much except thousands of Canadian Geese on the grass. Not sure what kind of conversation was carried on among their ‘community, they were very noisy.

Suddenly the noise turned louder, and I saw movement on a large scale. I am pretty sure these geese have a leader. The moment when the leader called the command, they flew off the ground in that instant when I was completely unprepared. Luckily I have at least one shot to show you the phenomenon.


It was a gorgeous day. Believe it or not, I spotted the beautiful blue sky and dramatic water reflection from the live review of my camera. I meant, my camera saw the drama before me. No DSLR, no tripod, but the light is good. My P-N-S does not do well in low light conditions, but it performs well on a sunny day like this.


Better yet, this American Kestrel was on the electric wire back-lighted (as usual), and it suddenly showed up about 250 feet in front of me. Oh, my.  I have ever made many attempts to photograph Kestrel, but they were usually either back-lighted or way up high. Today, I finally captured a shot that I can see through his eye.


I came for waterfowls and brought home landscape and the bird in the air. The unknown and unexpected make the photography journey exciting and fun.

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