Live the life you love

Dreamer is who I am. I never give up dreaming. I thank God when my dream comes true. I move on to the other one when I was not granted admission from Him.


Three is the number that I always kept in my mind. Our great philosopher Confucius has said, ‘Think twice before you act.’ (Measure twice, cut once.)  You may say that I am overly cautious, but I do often have Plan A, B, and C particularly when I am engaged in an adventure.


I don’t collect mottos or mugs with sayings, but this one somehow sinks in me.  Now my first thing in the morning is to enjoy this cup of coffee with the refreshing aroma ‘LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE.’ Yes, indulge yourself!


What do I love to do in this phase of my life? Photography as you know. It has helped me to envision the world and myself in a more profound manner. It also satisfies my desire to create, contemplate, and entertain myself in the process. Recently I have been watching Chinese history TV shows and seriously enjoyed them. I enjoyed the quality production and dramatic effect. I appreciate even more the artistic presentation, and most importantly, I can revisit the history and appraise it from a very different perspective. I am traveling from one dynasty to the other. And, through researching and reading, I am able to verify the historical truth.

I have to say that I am living the life I love.

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