Oh, Spring


Crocus is late blooming this year, but it is finally here. It rings the bell for spring.
Hellebore (Lantern Rose) is one of the few deer-resistant flowers. They grow face-downwards. A few years of crawling down the ground to take their pictures have become boring for me. This year I use wine glasses as the flower vase and place them on the window case. A little bit of light reflection through the window and the wine glass has built me a bokeh backdrop I like.

Spring is here, but rain lingers. I don’t mind being in the rain, but I certainly don’t want to get my camera wet. Well, my option is to shoot the rain inside the house.  Nothing is growing in my yard, a few Hellebores are all I have but do I need more?


I have to admit. Out of desperation, I shot some store-bought flowers.

Stargazer Lily is a gorgeous flower, but her fragrance is so overwhelmingly strong that can cause you a headache or even nausea.  When the flower is in full bloom, the bright red pedal and dark red spots look flashy. I took numerous shots and thought this is my favorite.

Stargazer Lily

Casual, Elegant, Natural, Simple… Regardless of how I tweak an image, I seem to always go back to my favorite styles.

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