Simple Food – travel journals (2)

Many pictures are taken on my trips, but I have not had much time to review them.

It is not the exotic seafood in an upscale restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean Sea that I enjoyed the most. It is that simple hole-in-the-wall place where I re-discovered my childhood favorites something that I have not tried again for years since I was away from my birthplace.

Though I have been to similar places like this small mountain town, this is my first visit to this one. It was cloudy and drizzling, but the place is packed with many visitors and most definitely, arrays of products, food, and local crafts.

Speaking of food, have I ever seen such varieties of food that I would taste everything if I have starved myself for a week?

Just stepped out of a hole where I stuffed myself up to the throat, I came across this red bean and custard cake that I simply could not resist…  This is one thing that I must have on my way to my grade school every day. My Caucasian husband tasted one, and he said, “this is simply too good.”

I made tea eggs at home from time to time, but it’s not quite the same seeing a big pot of them and smelling that classic herbal spice aroma. I believe the spice I purchased at home has been on the shelf for a long time and it tastes nothing like this one.

In U.S., we eat nuts as they are, roasted, honey roasted and salted. It isn’t the same to enjoy nuts combined with other ingredients and flavors. Once you get started, you cannot quit. It is extremely addicting.

The cook is right in front of you, the food is being cooked while you are waiting, and you enjoy it while it is fresh and hot. The waiting line is usually long, but once you get in, you have food on the table in 5-10 minutes.

Oh, my, I would not want to eat like this, but it is sinful if you don’t give it a try.

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