Travel Journal (3) – Bird of Paradise in paradise of birds

If not for the small accident I had that injured my right hand, I had absolutely one of the best trips ever. The injury slowed me down, and I could not post my weekly blog until today.

You can probably find Bird of Paradise Flower at Trader Joe’s, but Bird of Paradise is not easily seen. I thought the bird resembles the flower, but it’s certainly not.

God is the ultimate creator. Only look at the creatures He made. The color scheme in His paint tray is full of surprises, and the intricacy of the details amazes me.

Whenever I see this guy, I smile. This is one whimsical look I did not expect from a bird. 

I have been chasing pheasants for pictures until this day. This one does not have long and attractive tails, but I can at least have pheasant down on my list.

I just learned that this is the largest pigeon in the world.  I would never guess this strange-looking thing turns out to be a pigeon. Would you?

American Canaries have a beautiful voice. This tropical bird looks bold and striking.

Purple is my favorite color. When I saw a purple something fly out of my sight, I began my hunt, and here he is.

There are other birds, but it’s late, and I am running out of steam after 12 hours of flight. More to post Later.


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