Travel Journal (4) – Glass Temple

Left hometown for three decades, I was thrilled to see an array of life-like artwork created by my fellow country artists. Glass Temple is one of the amazing architecture built by skilled artisans from the Taiwan Glass Gallery factory.

Architecture is one of my favorite photography subjects, but I have not found myself so engaged with this one.  I was there before dusk. It rained a little, and there was no dramatic sunset glow. I had fun just taking pictures of the glass structure. When the light was turned on, I noticed that the internal gradient color changes took the place of a glamorous sunset.

Buddhist temple itself has already been a complex architecture with intricate carvings, hangings, and bold color paintings. The transparent glass provides the perfect outlet for all colors and lights to shine through.  Inside the temple, I felt like standing inside a cinema or on a Mary-Go-Around.

The structure itself is a gem. It glows in the dark with ever-changing colors. I was like a little child chasing after candies. I raised my camera from all angles, and I could not seem to let go any color scheme which creates different ambiance. It is like a regular temple full of believers, incense, and prayers. It is more like a moving artwork.

The bright coloration can be overwhelming at first glance, but the centered large pool (“Heavenly Pool”) with crystal clear water has neutralized the boldness and generated beautiful reflections.

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