The Soft Side

It’s now the beginning of flower blooming season in the Northwest. While flowers are displaying their beautiful colors, I was out chasing birds… This week I figured it’s time for me to photograph some flowers. Flower photography has helped me to slow down and ‘take the time to smell the roses.’ I don’t feel the peace when I leave the flowers behind for too long.

In the last few years, I have been playing with my macro lens. It is very satisfying to be able to see beyond normal eyesight. However, the moment when I discovered Lensbaby, I fell in love with the soft and blurry ambiance.  Still in the experiment phase. I hope my blog posting will push me to work harder and can better utilize the tool for another level of creativity.

It is nice to take sharp images, but I seem to love this soft look more.  Strawberries are not quite in season right now, but strawberry flowers are. Bright pink is extremely showy, but the glassy layer seems to add a bit of poetry.

It is just the curve of a large leave and some morning drew. But when the sun rises and shines on it, that small drop of light grabs my attention. All I want is that small patch of light. Only a fool would take an interest in it, you can say that.

Color is one significant element of a beautiful garden. However, no matter how I have changed the varieties of flowers I added each year, I seemed to always end up with some pastel or moderate color tones.

In an attempt to brighten my selections, I purchased this flower. But when I took this picture, I could not help wanting it to have a softer look. I am me, what can I do?

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