Bird, Bloom and BBB

What’s on my mind this summer so far? Birds, Blooms, and our B little kiddos, three grandchildren named after B.  Outrunning birding, I missed out on the prime blooming time of the flowers. Not born with a green thumb, my garden flowers are usually late bloomers and actually, that suit me well.

It’s now the time to see Bambi’s following their moms along out in the open. Juvenile deer is curious. They try to taste almost everything even though the plant is supposed to be deer-resistant. To make my life simple, I downsized my rose plants to two. The red blossom is utterly gorgeous, but yellow stands out for me. I usually don’t like to ‘frame’ my picture, but it is fun to try it occasionally.

Scrub Jay is around, but they get away quickly before you can get too close. It is purely out of luck that I spotted this loving family on my way back from the park, and I happened to have my telephone lens in hand.

I am a lucky grandmother of three lovely grandchildren. They all have distinctive personalities of their own. Like all the grandmothers, I love to take lots of their pictures and I am reluctant to delete them. I also prefer not to post their pictures in public. However, after looking at this picture over and over, I decided to share it with you. She is the youngest and the most tender child of all.

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