Backyard Entertainers

Having all feeders filled up, I can just sit behind the window and watch my backyard birds coming and going for hours. Newbies born in early summer have their feathers grown but still not fully experienced in flying are often flapping their wings wherever they go. Sometimes they landed on hummingbird feeder and then realized that their food was in a different feeder.  It is just fun to watch them. Starting from backyard birds, I grow my emotional attachment to birds. On them, I see the display of humanity and personality, and that’s exactly why I love birds.

House finish mommy was feeding her baby. California Quail daddy was guarding his juvenile while the newbie was enjoying the grass, and I was standing in the distance. California Quail male is so protective of his family. I cannot never go too close without scaring them away, and the entire family goes into hiding.

I spotted a pregnant American Robin on the ground and rushed into the house to grab my camera. When I came out again,  I saw the female fly into a bush hiding, and this male was standing on the stump spying on me.  A few weeks after, I noticed a baby jumping on the ground by the bush.

American Robins are too common that I stop taking their pictures, but I cannot resist this young bird singing in front of my house early in the morning. When cherries are in season, the cherry tree behind our house is often taken over by the Robins. I caught this guy ‘red-handed’.

Gold Finches and House Finches are family-oriented. Male and Female couples are often seen traveling together. Usually, one party shows up first to scout and calls for their companion to join. Man and woman share equal opportunity. Unlike some of the other birds, Grosbeak, for example, the male usually takes over the feeder while the female is waiting somewhere nearby. If the male does not leave, the female won’t come by.

Red-breasted Sapsucker, a type of Woodpecker, came early this spring and as usual, pounded on the vent on our roof to make a loud noise. I know that’s how they called for their mate, but so far I have not seen a female response to the calling right on the spot.

It is great if I can take good pictures of the birds. If not, I feel it more interesting to record their lives and behaviors. Like us, they are one of God’s creations on earth and their existence plays a part in the universe.

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