Good Morning, Crater Lake

We had a long and cold winter and therefore, late summer this year. I expected snow on the ground in June, but the amount of snow is a bit too much to get around. More than half of the rim is closed, and most of the hiking trails are still not accessible. I wish I could get higher for a broader angle of view and the dramatic reflection I previsualized…

Hanging out around the lake, to me, is luxurious enough, and we got to stay at the Lodge overnight. The Lodge guest room is small and somewhat outdated. I wish the management can make some effort to upgrade the facility, but I also understand it is a national park and I should expect less from a non-private organization.

The lake is so peaceful, and the blue water can melt your heart. I wanted to embrace the lake with a panorama shot, but my anchored ground is not ideal for what I had in mind. I would get a really boring shot if my friend Ed did not show up in the picture.  He is a seasoned photographer and perfectly fits the scene with a story.

Fortunately, we at least enjoyed an excellent dinner in the dining room, the juicy rib-eye steak, fresh salad, and the delicious dessert. Watching the sunset from inside the room right above the lake is enchanting. The gradual lumination of the sunlight cast on the lake created the constant change in the scenes. The absolute tranquility can actually take you into an out-of-the-world state of mind. The experience is well worth it.

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