Great Egrets and Night Herons

Egret is very common in Taiwan, but I have never seen one when I lived there. The first Egret I ever saw was at a local pond and was from distance. Somehow I have always been attracted to their beautiful white feathers and elegant posture. For years I have been observing them from distance, and they often look just couple small white spots in my pictures.

Back in April, when I visited Da-An Forest Park in Taiwan, I was ‘shocked’ to see a great number of them dwelled in an island area inside the park. From what I understood, it was the season when they have their fluffy feather. Snow white feather and fluffy fine feather are what looking attractive and unique to me not mentioning their beautiful form in flight.


In their large community, I saw newbies are constantly opening their mouth waiting to be fed; adults are flying over the pond to fetch food to feed their babies.  I witnessed adult’s courtship and ‘the process of reproduction’.


Nuthatches and chickadees are usually mingling together. Here Night Herons are Egret’s next door buddies. Apparently, they like the same kind of habitat and they get along well.







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