Another Coastal Weekend

It was 93 degrees in the valley, and we headed to the coast for the cool air. The Northern part of the Oregon coast is usually more popular than the South. We were very content with a low-key and slow-paced weekend in the Port Orford area, away from the busy waterfront where the action is.

The Oregon coastline is simply beautiful wherever you go.  For a relaxing weekend like this, I brought only a point-and-shoot camera just to make sure that I don’t miss out on any major subject or event.

When this parachute suddenly showed up above the rocks on the beach, I could not help not to follow it, and at least, for the next whole hour. I was first attracted by the colorful parachute, then I noticed this persistent young man who has made every effort he could trying to get his parachute off the ground. There was barely wind blowing in the air, but that did not stop him. I was so excited to see him finally flying in the air. At that hour, the sky has turned blue to celebrate his success.

At Cape Arago State Park, we were greeted by three volunteers who are enthusiastically offering us to tour the lighthouse. After seeing various lighthouses, all I want to do is to take their pictures. It was not the sunrise or sunset hour, and I am not that dedicated photographer. Just to add a couple of textures to give it a bit of ambiance. The lady and the dog are fairly small. I keep them there to remember what I saw.

I walked to the fishing dock at Charleston and thought I might see some shore birds here and there. Unfortunately, there were only seagulls. I was told that Charleston is a dedicated fishing town. People charter fishing boats to fish here for entertainment and also to get fresh tuna out of the water.  However, most people can tuna. Why would you try to catch fresh fish and make them canned food?  I grew up eating fresh and organic food before I came to this big country where the majority of the food is processed. I guess it has something to do with the cost of mass production and the attempt to preserve the longevity of the food.

My heart was not on the fish, but on the fishing boats and their reflections.

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