Simply Flowers

Another sizzling week of 90’s degrees. Wildfire is burning and spreading. Not only the sky is hazy, but the air we are breathing is also smoky. We are shutting the doors and windows to block the smoke; meanwhile, making a roasting oven for ourselves. Making soft-looking images is how I keep myself cool.

A few major activities and trips took place from spring to summer this year, I was on the go a lot and have not taken time to calm down and took some flower pictures. Suddenly I have an urge to photograph flowers. On a trip to a local farmer’s market, I happened to see their you-pick-flowers and decided to pick some singles home. Except that it’s now the end of the season, there are only three kinds of flowers. The good news is, that there are quite a few varieties of colors. I thought just to give myself a photo challenge and see what I can do with my $4.00 investment.

I intended to come up with some images over the weekend, but I was buzzed badly by the yellow jackets and almost swallowed one down the throat.  The buzzer crawled into my smoothie and buried it while I concentrated on taking pictures. (By the way, I am getting a powerful bug zapper.)

Indoors is hot, but no bees. This picture was taken with a Lensbaby lens and with a couple of sheer textures added. It has my favorite soft and dreamy feel.

Just did a large family portrait session with my photographer friend Elvie yesterday. Instead of removing the batteries from the flash, I decided to finish them up with my indoor shoot today. I used my 85mm prime lens for this one. Even though I shot it handheld, the image is still quite sharp.

I want the images to bring me a calm and cool spirit, but it is bright and sunny outside. How do I illustrate the visual environment and also preserve the quiet ambiance? Soft but warm is what I tried to transmit here:

I don’t use my flash often enough, but as long as I have it, I have a hard time letting go of it. It is so fun to play with it and have the light come from all different angles.

Can you imagine how much fun I had with the $4.00? The flowers are all still in good condition. I expect my fun to be continued…

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