Back to the Street

If I am an extrovert and more daring to approach strangers, street photography can easily be something I do regularly. People’s candid expressions and natural emotions are precious that I value, appreciate, and enjoy. 

People are a natural subject in the street. Architecture is probably my number two interest. The aged with sculptured moldings and crafty details or the new with contemporary geometrical structure and patterns are both tempting to me. To me, a smartwatch has no comparison with an old-fashioned clock. I like to be able to think and figure things out myself and not rely on high-tech for all solutions.

An ice or snow image can calm us down and feel less heat on a hot day.  When the street is packed with cars and the dusty air is churning, you can still enjoy the conversation and company as long as that’s where your heart (mind) is set.  “What’s on your mind?” will set you free from other trivia. Guess Facebook has that long figured out.

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