Secret of Desire

I love Cedar Waxwings. For years, I have been pursuing them for pictures, but they are usually too distant to reach. A few weeks ago, I saw a flock of them enjoying the berries in a park. The juveniles were flying from one tree to the other, sometimes they even landed on the grass. It was on the day when I decided not to carry the long lens. I was so bombed.

Spent a few hours in the streets doing panning, I took a break at a park. While I was pulling my car out of the parking space, I saw bird activity among the trees above. Whenever the birds sing or move, I cannot help but want to find out who they are.  And, the final answer is, another flock of Cedar Waxwings !!!  I was so thrilled to see the babies on the grass probably only about 10 feet away from me.

When your heart is set on something, you will give it your best attention. The successful rate is naturally increased. This is the secret of desire.  We can say it’s luck. But sometimes when the luck kept knocking on the door, it can not be just luck. It is a blessing from above.

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