Ants – the Industrious Model

Grown up in the city, I am so used to cement and tile, the clear-cut environment. After two decades of living among trees and ever-growing vegetations, I thought I’d been accustomed to the small creatures in the rural and rustic areas. But, no, I screamed when this brown ant crawled into my hiking pant. It is the fear of the unknown in the place like a jungle. Once the mystery is solved (not tick or chigger), I then noticed the ‘moving leaves’ on the ground and the ‘undercover agents’. I guess they are transporting building materials for their spring home.

The project manager is measuring the size of the leaf and assign it to his workers.

The big daddy can handle a good-sized leaf while

two siblings are struggling to make inches of movement.

If not for the bite and the small scare I had, I would not have the chance to share these pictures.

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