Asian Celebration

Living in my own box and spending most of my time with my computer and camera. I am indeed not an event-goer. It is because some of my friends are involved in the event, I decided to check it out and take some pictures. And, I am glad that I did.The Japanese dance and music performed by Japanese Fusion School are presented in a very organized fashion not mentioning the costumes of boys and girls are all authentic. Usually, we would see some smaller kids who could not quite catch up with the group, but I did not see that on this occasion.

The Caucasian kids in Japanese wardrobe look so cute, and their performance is the result of good coaching and training. I just grabbed a few single shots here to show. In fact, there are so many exciting moments that I wanted to capture. The drummer girl was giving out all her efforts to beat the drum plus singing.

When the kids sing, they sing with all their heart and mind. It is quite impressive.

We all know what Aladdin Fables and Genie in the Lamp, but the Middle East up to this date, still a mystery to me.  It was nice to see the Middle East Music and Dance. The costume is very ornate and intricate as expected. I like the mysterious and exotic tone of the music and the choreography.


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