Birding in Costa Rica (1)

Not really a birder, I went with a birding group to Costa Rica. I chose a birding group because I don’t care for photographing birds out of the feeders and I expected to see more birds with the birders. Birds are everywhere, but it does not mean that you got to see all. Experienced birders can raise their binoculars and said, ” I see it.” while I was still asking help to locate it.  Even so, I still got to see about two-thirds of what others did.

Getting good images is something else. Most of the birds are either up high, in distance or hidden in the bushes. 100-400 mm lens is the most commonly used, but I used only 70-300mm due to weight concerns.

There are lots to share, I will just be showing some highlights in the next few posts.

If you have been to Costa Rica, you cannot miss this bird. Among so many beautiful birds, they are one of my favorites. The color combination of their bodies is amazing. Their elegant gesture is charming, and I love that natural pendulum.

The last image was taken after the dusk. Their eyes sparkled in the dark.

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