Renaissance Faire

Some improvement is made that I am not as intimidated to ask people for taking their pictures. And yet, in lots of cases, I don’t really care for posing shots or seconds of a made-up smile. I enjoyed more of people’s dressing styles, design details, and natural expressions.

Have never been to a Renaissance Faire, I was stunned by the exceptional environment. Gorgeous sky and rolling green hills with colorful patches here in Kings Valley.

The couple is properly dressed for the occasion. Their body gesture rhythmed and the paces flowed as they enjoyed themselves. The smile comes from within and I found it truly beautiful.

I followed this lady (upper left) wherever she went just for her beautiful hat with a blue feather. Though I have face-to-faced with all the characters here, I found their back or sides is more attractive than the front. All natural and all truthful.

Thought she is a deer with ‘antlers’, but she is a tree lady with ‘branches’.  She (middle) was photographed without knowing … I like her head adornment and the unique headband matching the pattern of her blouse. The man (right) posed for me, but he shows what he is, naturally.

If I want to choose the best costume at the fair, this man (below) is my pick. You don’t need to have a fit and slender body to look good in your apparel. He is simply the best man to wear that outfit, don’t you agree?

Understand they are just dressed for fun, but it is not ‘politically correct’. Maybe priests had girlfriends in Renaissance days?:-) Not sure who originated the idea for the priests and nuns to live their lives alone. We are human beings and should live a normal human life.

I like to photograph at the festival where there is a unique theme on its own and the setting is far more interesting than street photography.

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