From photography to real estate

Life is unpredictable. Intended to photograph architecture and real estate houses for fun and include some work in my retirement, I ended up being a licensed realtor in California. It’s great fun to find the best angle of view to photograph a house and present it to potential buyers. And, the ultimate reward is to market and sell the house. To me, it is not that much about monetary gain, it is the good work to be recognized and proven successful.

My hand-on years of experience in sales marketing and business development fit me right in the real estate and catch myself in surprise, I really enjoyed it. Oregon has been my home for over 25 years and it’s the place I’ve chosen to conduct the business and to serve the community I care and care for.

From International trading entrepreneur to wholesale marketing. From research development managing to designing, and retired to become a photographer. Now I am back to the workplace as a Keller Williams realtor.

In a retrospective of my career life, I am thriving for actions and passion drives me to excel in whatever I do.  Now I settled in the beautiful Northwest and figured out how to work and play. Photography is my daily vitamin. Real Estate brings me energy and enthusiasm. Together I have a balanced life.




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