Twenty-five years ago when I decided to move to Oregon, my whole family objected to the ‘crazy’ idea. I met a new in-law at the wedding. He earnestly shook my hands (happy to know you) and immediately lifted his eyebrows in uncertainty when Oregon was mentioned. “Oregon? will I ever go there?”

Oregon is close to my California siblings and a natural and peaceful place to be. That’s all I knew. Honestly, I also had my doubt and a small degree of uncertainty and fear. Having been traveling all over the countries on business in my youth, I was so used to be the minority. But living is not the same as visiting.

The proof is, I am still here after 25 years and I am still loving Oregon. Eugene is legally defined as a city. She might be a small town in the eyes of New Yorkers, but the size does not impact the growth of diversity. I smile whenever I see cultural integration, the Westerners are engaging in Eastern art.

It’s entertaining and joyful to see Caucasian kids dressed like Asians.  Colors are always wonderful, but the traditional fan adds its magic. Not just for curiosity, more Caucasian kids are learning Chinese Kong-Fu which cultivates strength, resistance, and practical self-defense skills. And, for the photographer, the motion blur created by the dance and kong-fu performance is very interesting.


If not for the annual Asian Celebration (the 32nd), I won’t have any idea about the varieties of ethnic groups living in town. People are so friendly and neighborly here. I have never felt that I am a minority. I am simply part of the community.

My goal of writing these blogs is to unveil the mystery of Oregon living and share with you what we do, where we go and daily life in general.

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