Self-awareness, self-Control

Have not written anything since the last post in July… I made the decision to quit real estate after two transactions. Random schedules of working details after details without nurturing the soul and balancing my life are not what I want as a retiree. It is difficult for me to pass days without doing something more creative.

A global pandemic, flood, fires, protests, riots, and the presidential election. I am just about to boycott all the political news, particularly those controlled by malicious news organizations and unethical journalists. I wonder why there are constitutions and rulings for almost everything, but no code of ethics for journalists.

I am an Asian-American. I love this country as much as my home country Taiwan. The land is beautiful and resourceful. Almost total freedom to do what you want. The diversity of people and the rich well of talents have once made it the strongest and most powerful country in the world. But, why the coronavirus is so rapidly and widely spread in the country and put many places in desolation?  We seemed to blame it all on authorities except ourselves.

Back in February when Taiwan was aggressively fighting the virus, I was half-jokingly inviting my friend to come to the US if the virus got uncontrollable in Taiwan.  I would never imagine, within the month, America was so deeply infected while Taiwan was getting out of the threat. Now more than six months down the road, we are still struggling to keep the cases down.

Freedom under the law is a privilege. If freedom causes negative consequence is an intrusion or violation of others’ freedom and social order.  Friendly and outgoing Americans cannot bear to lose a moment of the freedom to ‘enjoy yourselves’ and ‘do whatever you want. 

Party as usual; Beaches are packed with people. Hugs are controlled, but a hearty greeting following a long chit-chat is inevitable. As the conversation continues, social distance is forgotten and droplets are flying. Many people seem to think surging coronavirus cases are other people’s business, not mine, not until self or family are impacted. Lack of obedience to authorities and abuse of freedom to the extent that life means less than freedom.

Some protests to make the statement that all creates equal and none is empowered to risk another’s life regardless of race and social standing.  Unfortunately, the unlawful crowd of people uses the opportunity to address their anger and turn the peace into violence.  Freedom is so misled and misinterpreted.

When the majority are born and grow up in the land of dreams. There have not been enough challenges or hardships in life that people are being trained and bred to have an awareness of danger and in turn, learned to be cautious and protective of themselves.

If people can be more sensitive to the potential risk and practice self-control and discipline, we should not have to live the way we are now. Stop fighting to blame each other but curb the spread by practicing self-control and self-discipline.

Learning to use WordPress’s new editor and digital painting software. The world is in chaos, but we can maintain a goal and continue the development process without being impacted by surrounding false information. I will resume my photography adventure and get back to my normal again.

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