For more than ten years, I have been trying to grow the common Cyclamen flower without success. I don’t have a green thumb and so I give myself three chances. If all failed, I gave up, but the desire inside has not completely diminished. That little regret keeps me yearning for it.

Back in March when I had an open house, Cyclamen is one of the very few early bloomers. I brought them home after the house was sold. The flowers were fading but green leaves remained. I gave no hope about how much longer they would be alive. To my surprise, not only did they survive, they thrived up to this day.

It’s now the end of October. The flowers are still erecting and new growth kept popping up. Outside is 38 degrees, it’s still a beautiful sunshine day in Oregon. A cold chill is so refreshing that you would actually enjoy it and feel rejuvenating. Nothing is impossible. Cyclamen proves it for me.

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